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A South African artist's journey that started with a hobby.

Art by Rigi is about bringing beauty and inspiration to people's lives. Rian, the artist behind the work, is passionate about bringing the beauty of the natural world into people's homes through his art. His paintings are a celebration of the colorful expression of nature, transformed into a visual experience that’s both calming and energizing. Every piece of art by Rigi is unique and personal, making it the perfect way to add a touch of originality and inspiration to your living space.

It all started with a hobby.


Having immigrated to the United States to be closer with his daughters, Rian took quickly to painting and has not put down his brush since! His curious schnauzers are always by his side - watching as he paints beautiful scenes inspired by the landscapes and cultures he has seen in both South Africa and the United States.

Exploring different mediums and canvas sizes - each painting is a unique window into his view of the world. 

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